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Planning Backlash – I support their Residents’ Bill of Rights (RBR)!

Cr Lynnette Saloumi

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Stop Over Development development


I support their Residents’ Bill of Rights (RBR)!


Source: Sustainability Microsoft Clipart

Over 400 unhappy residents from across all of Melbourne attended this forum regarding over-development in their suburbs.

An expert panel was present which consisted of David Davis (Shadow Minister for Planning), Prof Michael Buxton (Environment & Planning RMIT) and Prof Bob Birrell (Australian Population Research lnstitute). They discussed the government’s review of suburban planning.

A motion was put forth to support the “Residents’ Bill of Rights” (RBR) and was successful!


“We, the current residents of Victoria call on the government and opposition at all levels to act to protect our homes, communities and cities from over-development.” Residents’ Bill of Rights (RBR).pdf

“Mad as Hell” Forum – 29 May 2016

“Mad as Hell” Forum - 29 may 2016

“Mad as Hell” Forum Attendees. Image courtesy of Planning Backlash. You may need permission to copy or use this image


Boroondara Residents Action Group (BRAG) – OUR ‘MAD AS HELL’ FORUM A GREAT SUCCESS

Want to know more about over-development? Visit my ‘Hot Issues’ page!


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  1. Mary Drost says:

    Good on you Lynnette – you will do a great job on council and Monash certainly needs you. Very glad you support the Residents Bill of Rights, this is democracy and you as a councilor are there to speak for the people. Too bad that so many get into power, council and State and think they know better than the people.

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