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Infrastructure Victoria – Ring Road Proposal: My Solution!

Infrastructure Victoria – Is Monash Council’s Ring Road Proposal flawed?

Council is submitting its proposal for a ring road to Infrastructure Victoria. Here is my simple solution in regards to this matter. Click on image/slide for more details to why Monash Council’s Ring Road proposal is seriously flawed & out of date.

My Proposal – Click on image/slide



Monash Car Park Maths – let’s try subtraction

There is a saying

God giveth and God taketh away”

So let’s see how this phrase  translates to car parking promises in Glen Waverley

When  we are promised 800 to 1200 bays in a new multi deck car park what does this mean in reality?

To get this amazing offer – let’s see  what we have to give up:

199 parks already in Glendale St West car park

98  on  41-47 Montclair Ave car park (sale of land to developer proposed)

99 curbside in Kingsway

18 in Glendale St

400 bays that should have been provided on site within  approved developments  but financial contributions were paid in lieu via Parking Overlay 3, to the tune of $8 Million

Sub Total 814 (OMG we have passed the 800 newly promised!!)

From Parking Overlay 4 it is envisaged another 400 additional car park bays will be paid for -these may come from :-

257 Central Car Park if sale eventuates

12 Coleman Pde East  (as above)

Subtotal 1083

370 for clients of proposed 6000 sq m Library- Hub (should  this really service future demand)

1453 bays – is what is required at this point   – plus (unknown) *** financial considerations from developments lacking on-site parking with new future builds foreseen at 41-47 and 50 Montclair Ave and extra cafe  seating along Kingsway’s widened footpath [pro rata]

So for all who were fooled by the “Transforming Kingsway” Bulletin spin – there is no extra car parking just rearranging the deckchairs c/o Spin Doctor G L

What you will get is a 7 storey that is 3.4 times the size of Euneva!



City of Monash – Late Rate Notices

City of Monash Rates Notice

City of Monash Rates Notice. Mayor Image was on the first page.

One can only assume Geoff Lake orchestrated (as he seems to take the credit for EVERYTHING at Monash Council) a very late distribution of Monash Rate notices last week – to include a father-son photo opportunity (although his child looks very uncomfortable – not happy,  even fearful?) as part of his “I’m like any other father” election spin promoted to all ratepayers, at OUR expense.

This manipulation of Council operations again shows contempt for ratepayers who need to have rates in a timely manner. The timing of the rate notice distribution should not be devised to suit him and the election cycle.  Last year the rate notices were sent 20 July 2015. This year,  after 22 August 2016. Why the difference? – this is an election year so the later the distribution, the better, for a Mayoral Message to gain support for re-election. 

On the Monash website “Monash ratepayers received their 2016/17 rate notice in the week beginning Monday 22 August 2016.”

City of Monash Rates. First installment due by Thurs 1 Sept

City of Monash Rates. First installment due by Thurs 1 Sept

However people wishing to pay in ten instalments have less than a week from receipt of Rate Notice to the day the first of ten instalments is due by Thurs 1 Sept or they must choose a more onerous option.

This is more crucial to lower income families and pensioners who most often work finances on a fortnightly cycle; may not be well; cannot do internet banking. For instance – aged pensions are paid Tues 6/9 and Thur 8/9  next week – and they got their notices in the mail last Wed 24/8  or Thurs 25/8.   Any time for them to save? NO! In fact, the lack of lead time between receipt of notice and preferred payment option deadline could disadvantage any ratepayer. 

The second page of the rate notice warns that “For Both Four and Ten Instalment options. If your first payment is late, it will only be accepted as part payment only. You will not be placed on an instalment plan and the balance of rates charges and levies will be due I full by 15 February 2017.”

Contrast the City of Greater Dandenong – where rate notices went out a month earlier on 22 July and the 1st of nine instalments is due 30 Sept. The City of Greater Dandenong Council  is way more attune to accommodating the needs of its residents – it already live streams council meetings too!

This poor treatment demonstrates how out of touch the Mayor is – he is so self-centred he concentrates on self-promotion rather than assisting Ratepayers with time to pay. Providing less than a week to begin and be eligible for 10 instalments is unheard of. 

A letter of complaint by Monash Ratepayers will be sent to the Mayor and the CEO on this poor service delivery by Monash Council  in its contemptable treatment of ratepayers.

And as the Mayor repeats his lowest rates spin – Lake’s motion on Agenda 7.7 Monash Council  Meeting 30/8/2016 proposes adding a Waste and Environment Charge on top of our rates from 2017 rates.

Planning Backlash – I support their Residents’ Bill of Rights (RBR)!


I support their Residents’ Bill of Rights (RBR)!


Source: Sustainability Microsoft Clipart

Over 400 unhappy residents from across all of Melbourne attended this forum regarding over-development in their suburbs.

An expert panel was present which consisted of David Davis (Shadow Minister for Planning), Prof Michael Buxton (Environment & Planning RMIT) and Prof Bob Birrell (Australian Population Research lnstitute). They discussed the government’s review of suburban planning.

A motion was put forth to support the “Residents’ Bill of Rights” (RBR) and was successful!


“We, the current residents of Victoria call on the government and opposition at all levels to act to protect our homes, communities and cities from over-development.” Residents’ Bill of Rights (RBR).pdf

“Mad as Hell” Forum – 29 May 2016

“Mad as Hell” Forum - 29 may 2016

“Mad as Hell” Forum Attendees. Image courtesy of Planning Backlash. You may need permission to copy or use this image


Boroondara Residents Action Group (BRAG) – OUR ‘MAD AS HELL’ FORUM A GREAT SUCCESS

Want to know more about over-development? Visit my ‘Hot Issues’ page!

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