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Questions to Council

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Submissions to Monash Council

Questions I have submitted:

Monash Council Meeting – 19 October 2016

This question refers to Infrastructure Victoria’s Draft “30 year” Strategy and specifically the need for Green Infrastructure.

My question asks how Monash Council intends to provide adequate green open space in the Glen Waverley Activity Centre.

As part of Council’s response you will see it is stated that the central plaza in Glen Waverley will be larger than that of the Melbourne City Square.

It is interesting to note a few things here:-

1)      Green Infrastructure is simple to understand – it means GREEN!  

2)      The City Square in Melbourne is at 44-86 Swanston Street and is 100m in length  x 30m wide and covers an area of 3000sq m from Flinders Lane to Collins Street

3)      A plaza does not necessarily mean green open space and usually means a paved area. By suggesting that a proposed central plaza in Glen Waverley will be bigger than 3000 sq m seems to indicate heavily encroaching on roadways that are already stretched, to achieve this outcome. It is most obvious this plaza will be in the most  part paved, not green.  The heat island affect will not be mitigated if the surface of the plaza is concrete & asphalt!

4)      The width of Central Car Park at Kingsway is 42.5 metres and to achieve a square larger than that in the city, at that with ,  would need to be around 70m long if it were to be solely incorporated on the Central Car Park Site. I do not think this is what Council means since the Request For Proposal specified within its criteria  for  the Central Car Park site – a 6000sq m library with a footprint of 1200 to 1500 sq m; a centre 10 m wide N-S roadway ; and a high rise tower adjacent to Springvale Road.

So again the Devil is in the Detail ……..

Please refer to my vision for A REAL Central Park in Glen Waverley that would deliver the Green Infrastructure outcome desperately needed for our city centre.

Response to question – 19 October 2016

Topic is in relation to the questionable expenditure of $2600 + in  employing  a Governance and Behaviour Monitor and four Security Guards at each Council Meeting chaired by then Mayor Lake. Also includes evidence on Cr Lake’s double backflip with pike re: Amendment  C125 on area west of Gallaghers Road.

Monash Council Meeting –  27 September 2016

Financial Considerations versus car parking provisions in Glen Waverley

Monash Council Meeting – 30 August 2016

Backflip on RSL War Widows funding and C125 due to Mayor’s pre-election considerations

Monash Council Meeting – 26 July 2016

Glen Waverley Activity Centre (GWAC)

Document: Refers to Agenda item  1.7 28 June 2016 The Kingsley 54 Montclair Avenue Glen Waverley. Snippet of document: “The application for a Planning Permit for the 11 storey Kingsley building at 54 Montclair Ave was heard and passed (as a 10 storey building) in Council on 28 June 2016.”

The Kingsley  54 Montclair Av – Pre-sale Dec 2015 without permit; and parking

Monash Council Meeting – 28 June 2016 – Question relating to the Montclair Ave proposal

Question to Council:

Agenda item 1.7 regarding the 54 Montclair Ave proposal for a 11 storey building. This site, on the C120 Amendment, was listed as Area D i.e. 8 to 10 storeys and sits next to an 8 storey Montclair Building. I have a photograph taken on 22nd Dec 2015 that shows the Kingsley Apartments at 54 Montclair were already “selling” 2 bedroom apartments. How can an agent pre-sell apartments in a building that only now, on 28 June 2016, is the subject of a proposal to council?

Council response:

Thank you for your question Lynnette. There is nothing preventing a developer from selling apartments within a proposed apartment building even though that a planning permit is not in place. Pre sales, or sales “off the plan” are used to demonstrate that a project is viable and so that funding can be secured. Importantly though, it does not in any way affect or influence Council’s decision that is subsequently made on an application. The planning application for this proposal is due to be considered tonight at agenda Item 1.7. Officers have recommended that a planning permit issue for the development, subject to conditions.

Mayor Lake’s hypocrisies and self interest  in Gambling Policies and Code of Conduct

Monash Council Meeting – 31 May 2016

Data used to support progression to RFP for Central Car Park site subjected to manipulation

Monash Council Meeting- 26 April 2016

Dispute the progression to Request for Proposals (RFP) for Library Hub and (sale of) the Central Car Park site

Monash Council Meeting – 29 March 2016

Why need for costly Communication Expert? Instead, scale model of GWAC requested

Monash Council Meeting – 24 November 2015

Query evidence of business case for Library on Central Car Park

Monash Council Meeting – 27 October 2015