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Over Development and Infrastructure

The impact of over development can be widespread. A decision in Glen Waverley will impact people businesses and properties way past its 3150 postcode.

I believe many decisions that have been made by your current council, led by Cr Lake, ignore consequences.

Community members have laboured tirelessly to present submissions to Council detailing their concerns – only to be ignored.  This contemptuous disregard of ratepayers’ opinions must stop.

Consequences of planning decisions that have,  and will in the future, result in over-populating finite space include, but are not limited to:

Infrastructure:- Traffic travel times /congestion / accidents/ parking; transport capacities including Public and commercial; logistics; routes; road maintenance;  emergency services

Utilities:- Resources such as water; stormwater ; sewage ; waste; power

Environment:- Aesthetics and liveability; air quality /  pollution; biodiversity

Public amenities:- Access to nearest neighbourhood schools; sporting fields and open space

Health:- Mental and general health; social inclusion

Economic Activity:- Property values; trading

Criminal Activities:– Policing

The following slideshow is one that I believe describes the situation in Glen Waverley.


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