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Traffic and Parking

On 31 January 2011, Council resolved to enter into a contract with Tenix for the provision of traffic and parking control services which included Positioning Overstay Devices.  This was done in Confidential Business.

Years ago Kingsway was predominately a mixed retail strip. There was no need to park for hours.  Kingsway traders  now offer a vibrant mix of restaurant  and entertainment options,  yet they are burdened with highly restrictive parking.

Perhaps  you have avoided going to dinner and to the cinema in Glen Waverley because you cannot park for long enough because  you risk being fined?

Or you may have been fined even if you were not there!

Faulty Kingsway parking sensors blamed on woman being booked earlier than she parked

If I was in Council I would bring a common sense approach to parking. With a career that has centred around driving economic development, not hindering it , I know you have to make it easy for patrons to buy. Put in too many imposts and customers will go elsewhere. One fine and you may lose them forever!

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