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Transparency and Accountability

Lack of Transparency and Accountability in Council

Expose cost-shifting. For instance – claiming there is a reduction in staff,  but increasing consultancies. 

Disallow unwarranted and unbudgeted ad hoc procurements engineered by self-serving individuals. Recent examples – Council Behaviour Monitor @ $10,000; Phone Poll @ $15,044.

Live streaming of Council Meetings;

No more ‘secret’ Amendments e.g. C123 to excise Central Car Park from C120

Protection for Whistle-blowers

‘Sham’ Consultations

The Former Mayor says “We’ve listened to our community”

But…..if  you have ever asked a question in Council; entered a Submission, or attended a public “Consultation” , you may not agree. Click on this link for a detailed example of how this Council has made decisions first – then conducted a series of farcical Consultations later, just so it can tick a box.

Sham Consultations

As a Councillor, I would listen to, and learn from, my fellow Community members – for they should be acknowledged and respected as principal stakeholders. 

When the Devil is in de’Tale – The  Central Car Park Saga – Glen Waverley